Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Old Kentucky Home!

It's summer.  It's hot.  It's time for a road trip!

Heading to Kentucky to do some touring.

The stops include:
Bourbon Barrel Rehab - they take old bourbon barrels and turn them into art, accessories & furniture. 

Evan Williams - downtown Louisville for their bourbon experience.

Kentucky Artisan Distillery - Crestwood, KY

Kentucky Peerless Distillery - Louisville, KY

Willett Distillery - (YUM) Bardstown, KY

Craft Distilleries - still working on completing the list of small, boutique distilleries to visit but I'll keep the list updated.  

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nashville Craft Distillery

I get that I'm old.  I get that my memory is not quite the steel trap that it once was.......

After a tour and tasting at Corsair Distillery, I remembered that there was another distillery not too far away.  That was all that I could remember.  My son Googled Nashville distilleries and saw one was 2 minutes away.  That's it. We're in!

The parking lot was all but empty but the lights were on and we enter to me Bruce the owner drenched in sweat.  This is the tour that I love.  No guide but the owner - the guy or girl that loves their job and booze more than anyone.  

Bruce was in the middle of a gin stripping run and the heads were just starting to flow as we entered the still house. 

They made a sorghum product using locally sourced sorghum that tasting out of the barrel has a stunning amount of flavor.  I'd only heard of sorghum being used as a syrup on biscuits, pancakes and baked goods.  But it is a sugar so booze is an option.  

Basically, their product is similar to a rum or a cachaca but much much smoother without the harshness or bitter values.  Naked Biscuit got its name as they plan to use all the sorghum in middle Tennessee so that people would have to eat their biscuits naked!   

Here's the recipe for a Lemon Biscuit. 

Stop by and give them a try.  

514 Hagan Street Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Saturday, July 2, 2016

H. Clark Distillery Tour & Tasting

A very nice trip down to Thompson's Station to this micro distillery.  Easy to find and just a bit off of I-65 just south of Brentwood/Franklin.

I nice, quick but informative your of the facility and they were mashing while we were there. 

A small 100+ gallon still and all of their products are double distilled.  

After the tour, we sampled the three current offerings.  

First up was their moonshine/white whiskey - New Whiskey. 

I'm not a huge fan of white whiskey but the addition of chocolate malt really takes the flavor profile up and is quite tasty.  Most of the moonshines/white whiskeys lack any complexity or flavors other than corn & yeast.  By modifying their grain bill, they introduced FLAVOR into an unaged spirit.

Second was Tennessee Black & Tan. 

An easy drinking gentle whisky that would be enjoyed by most but might not be for the Whisky snob in your life.  

Lastly was the gin - which originally led me to the distillery. 

While they don't make the spirit they do flavor the NGS with the botanicals and then re-distill and make the cuts.  H. Clark recommends this served neat or without any ice or additions.

Bourbon?   Not yet - coming late this fall - I can't wait to give it a try. 

Great trip to a nice distillery and I'd recommend it if you are in the area. 

I went home with a bottle of all of their offerings. #score

Road Trip - H. Clark Distillery

Independence weekend sounds like a great time for a distillery tour. 

H. Clark Distillery in Thompson's Station, TN is the target.  

Give them a look at

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery - Swisher, Iowa

Starting out as a winery and then adding the distillery before the State of Iowa banned owning both in one location.  So this place is unique!   Wine and spirits all in one place.  

Honestly - I haven't tried their wine but we are here for the spirits!  

Probably best known for their Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey in their spirit line up - I must admit that I've had a few bottles in the past few years.  
Another fallen soldier....

It's a solid easy drinking bourbon at a reasonable price per bottle. 

However, if you like wheat whiskey, give the Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey a try.  This spirit is made of 100% winter wheat finishes at 40%.  It's probably my favorite of their lineup.  

I sampled a few things while I was there and picked up a bottle of their Clearheat Gin to experiment with once home.  It was darn tasty at room temperature in a Glencairn glass.

Mississippi River Distillery - LeClair, Iowa

Nice but short trip to Mississippi River Distillery.  Tours start on the hour most day - check their website and samples are generous.   

I'm looking forward to see how their spirits develop over the next few years.  They are aging in smaller barrels to speed up aging to complete the flavor profile in 18months. 

Stop by and say hello or pick up a bottle if you can.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

13th Colony Southern Rye Whiskey - Limited Release

I'll admit it.  IF I one day I have my own distillery - I would try to make a rye whiskey as good as theirs.  Period - it's that good.

I was very pleased to find on their website a feature that shows their distribution network.  Check it out HERE.  Previously, I had only found their products in Georgia where they are made.  But the heavens opened up and I can find them here in Nashvegas at Midtown Wine & Spirits.

I'll admit this too.  I send my wife on "errands".  Hey while you're .......  would you mind.....   This time, I asked her to pick up a bottle of either the 13th Colony Southern Bourbon or Southern Corn Whiskey.  It goes without saying that I was really hoping she'd come back with both bottles not being able to decide between the two.  Alas, she came home with the Southern Corn Whiskey.

The color of this is a light amber which reminded me of scotch.  
The nose hits me in a mixture of corn and oak.
That corn stays with it in the mouth while the 95 proof warms quite nicely.  
A solid mouthfeel and not "thin" at all.

I'm a fan of this distillery and of this whiskey.  If you have the chance, give it a try.

We'll keep on sampling



Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Glenlivet 18

I love airline bottles. Low cost of entry so I can try without the investment of a full sized bottle.  If I like the sample - I'll like the full size.  

Great example tonight. Glenlivet 18 bought by my wife for my most recent birthday.  It's tasty - although I would prefer a sherry or port finish.  In this case, I think that I'll pass on the full size bottle.  

We'll keep on sampling. 



My first post

Hello all.

Thank you for dropping by.  As I travel to distilleries and try new booze, I'll post new updates.

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