Wednesday, February 24, 2016

13th Colony Southern Rye Whiskey - Limited Release

I'll admit it.  IF I one day I have my own distillery - I would try to make a rye whiskey as good as theirs.  Period - it's that good.

I was very pleased to find on their website a feature that shows their distribution network.  Check it out HERE.  Previously, I had only found their products in Georgia where they are made.  But the heavens opened up and I can find them here in Nashvegas at Midtown Wine & Spirits.

I'll admit this too.  I send my wife on "errands".  Hey while you're .......  would you mind.....   This time, I asked her to pick up a bottle of either the 13th Colony Southern Bourbon or Southern Corn Whiskey.  It goes without saying that I was really hoping she'd come back with both bottles not being able to decide between the two.  Alas, she came home with the Southern Corn Whiskey.

The color of this is a light amber which reminded me of scotch.  
The nose hits me in a mixture of corn and oak.
That corn stays with it in the mouth while the 95 proof warms quite nicely.  
A solid mouthfeel and not "thin" at all.

I'm a fan of this distillery and of this whiskey.  If you have the chance, give it a try.

We'll keep on sampling



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