Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery - Swisher, Iowa

Starting out as a winery and then adding the distillery before the State of Iowa banned owning both in one location.  So this place is unique!   Wine and spirits all in one place.  

Honestly - I haven't tried their wine but we are here for the spirits!  

Probably best known for their Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey in their spirit line up - I must admit that I've had a few bottles in the past few years.  
Another fallen soldier....

It's a solid easy drinking bourbon at a reasonable price per bottle. 

However, if you like wheat whiskey, give the Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey a try.  This spirit is made of 100% winter wheat finishes at 40%.  It's probably my favorite of their lineup.  

I sampled a few things while I was there and picked up a bottle of their Clearheat Gin to experiment with once home.  It was darn tasty at room temperature in a Glencairn glass.

Mississippi River Distillery - LeClair, Iowa

Nice but short trip to Mississippi River Distillery.  Tours start on the hour most day - check their website and samples are generous.   

I'm looking forward to see how their spirits develop over the next few years.  They are aging in smaller barrels to speed up aging to complete the flavor profile in 18months. 

Stop by and say hello or pick up a bottle if you can.