Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery - Swisher, Iowa

Starting out as a winery and then adding the distillery before the State of Iowa banned owning both in one location.  So this place is unique!   Wine and spirits all in one place.  

Honestly - I haven't tried their wine but we are here for the spirits!  

Probably best known for their Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey in their spirit line up - I must admit that I've had a few bottles in the past few years.  
Another fallen soldier....

It's a solid easy drinking bourbon at a reasonable price per bottle. 

However, if you like wheat whiskey, give the Cedar Ridge Wheat Whiskey a try.  This spirit is made of 100% winter wheat finishes at 40%.  It's probably my favorite of their lineup.  

I sampled a few things while I was there and picked up a bottle of their Clearheat Gin to experiment with once home.  It was darn tasty at room temperature in a Glencairn glass.

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