Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nashville Craft Distillery

I get that I'm old.  I get that my memory is not quite the steel trap that it once was.......

After a tour and tasting at Corsair Distillery, I remembered that there was another distillery not too far away.  That was all that I could remember.  My son Googled Nashville distilleries and saw one was 2 minutes away.  That's it. We're in!

The parking lot was all but empty but the lights were on and we enter to me Bruce the owner drenched in sweat.  This is the tour that I love.  No guide but the owner - the guy or girl that loves their job and booze more than anyone.  

Bruce was in the middle of a gin stripping run and the heads were just starting to flow as we entered the still house. 

They made a sorghum product using locally sourced sorghum that tasting out of the barrel has a stunning amount of flavor.  I'd only heard of sorghum being used as a syrup on biscuits, pancakes and baked goods.  But it is a sugar so booze is an option.  

Basically, their product is similar to a rum or a cachaca but much much smoother without the harshness or bitter values.  Naked Biscuit got its name as they plan to use all the sorghum in middle Tennessee so that people would have to eat their biscuits naked!   

Here's the recipe for a Lemon Biscuit. 

Stop by and give them a try.  

514 Hagan Street Nashville, Tennessee 37203

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